Antonio Genovese


Italian by birth, Antonio Genovese holds America, particularly New York, close to his heart. A paraplegic and wheelchair user, Antonio has never let physical limitations define him. Instead, he has shattered mental and architectural barriers in modern society, proving his capabilities and earning recognition from leading companies in his field. His impressive career includes pivotal roles at esteemed organizations such as FC Inter Milano, Monte Titoli-Borsa Italiana, Deloitte, I-Faber, UniCredit Factoring, and OSA FC Seattle, where his leadership qualities and skills have consistently shone through.


From July to December 2019, Antonio resided in London, where he honed his English language skills Following this enriching experience, he became a Brand Promoter for Education First (EF), one of the world’s most renowned language schools. This role further emphasized his commitment to education and personal growth.


Antonio’s dedication extends beyond the corporate sphere into social work. For years, he has actively participated in initiatives that positively impact the sports world and the wider community. His endeavors are driven by a deep-seated desire to make a difference and inspire others


In 2018, Antonio penned his biography in collaboration with a friend. Titled “Antonio Genovese – The Wheelchair Coach,” the book aims to encourage others with disabilities to embrace his life philosophies: “Nothing is impossible if you really want it” and “Never stop dreaming.”


Adding to his list of accomplishments, Antonio holds an Executive Master in Sports and Business Management. His journey is not just a tale of overcoming adversity but a testament to the power of relentless determination and the pursuit of dreams against all odds.

Además de ser un profesional del sector económico-financiero, es un profesional consolidado en el sector deportivo: Entrenador de Soccer Profesional, Team Manager, Scouting Manager, Match-Analyst; Diplomas y premios obtenidos de la Federación Italiana de Soccer (FIGC), la UEFA, la Football Association inglese y la U.S Soccer Federation Americana.