Boris Gul


Boris Gul skillfully bridges the world of finance with his fervent passion for soccer. As a licensed FIFA agent, he is skilled in representing footballers and authorized to represent minors, showcasing his comprehensive and inclusive approach in the sports world. Boris embodies the inclusive ‘Sport for All’ philosophy championed by the AG Agency. His tenure as the former Treasurer for the NYC FC’s nonprofit supporters’ group, The Third Rail, reflects his unique ability to blend his financial expertise with his genuine enthusiasm for soccer.

Boris’s credentials in the finance and accounting sectors are diverse and impressive. He holds CPA licenses in multiple states and is certified CFP®, CMA, and CSCA. His active role in the NYSSCPA’s Sports, Arts, and Entertainment committee further underscores his commitment to marrying his financial skills with his broader interests in the vibrant fields of sports and arts.

Boris’s professional reach extends across various industries, offering guidance to high-net-worth individuals, healthcare experts, legal professionals, and real estate moguls while deeply engaging with the nonprofit sector. His knack for connecting with people from all walks of life parallels his personal life. A polyglot fluent in English, Hebrew, Ukrainian, and Russian, Boris thrives on his journeys beyond soccer-specific stadiums and other venues across states, countries, and continents. These travels are more than a hobby; they fuel his inner energy, providing insights and experiences that enrich his professional and personal life.

Boris Gul stands out as a financial strategist, tax veteran, and global sports enthusiast, a man who seamlessly integrates his professional endeavors with his personal passions and, in doing so, inspires a unique blend of business acumen and global cultural engagement.