Elena Pisani of Sampdoria Women, together with Giuliano, started an interesting initiative: here’s what it is

Sampdoria Women survived but still remains focused on the remaining matches to give joy to their fans and to demonstrate that they are strong enough to face this final phase of the second phase of the championship.

In the meantime, one of the Sampdoria players, Elena Pisani, together with her friend Raffaella Giordano, have started a wonderful initiative that could make the fortune of some young athletes who hope to have a future in this sport. Here are the words of the Sampdorian:

«We are thrilled to announce our new partnership with study and play agsallc offering the exciting opportunity to study and play sports in the United States through athletic scholarships. This partnership was born from our desire to share the extraordinary experience we had at American college. The opportunity to study and compete in the United States has not only contributed to our athletic and academic development, but has enriched us above all on a personal level, creating deep relationships with people from different countries around the world. These are the same principles that we share with the study and play project. We will work together with them to make your American dream come true, just like it was for us!! ️ Follow our profiles where we will share advice, personal anecdotes and all the information necessary to guide you along your journey towards a unique and unforgettable experience.”