Giada Pilato


With a brush steeped in creativity and a keyboard pulsing with ideas, Giada embodies the multifaceted essence of visual and digital communication. As a graphic designer and social media manager, Giada transforms abstract concepts into tangible experiences and virtual connections into lasting relationships. Let’s explore the journey that has shaped her art and career.

Giada was born with an innate passion for art and creativity, which she has nurtured since her childhood. After brilliantly earning a degree in Graphics and Communication, she plunged into the world of graphic design with unmatched zeal. Every line, every color, is a story that comes to life under her skillful hands.

But her interest in human connections hasn’t stopped with the digital canvas. Giada has the soul of a traveler, eager to explore new horizons and assimilate new cultures. It was this adventurous spirit that led her to spend an unforgettable year in Australia, where she enriched her perspective and added new colors to her already vibrant artistic repertoire.

Moreover, there is another part of her life that adds a touch of unpredictability to her figure: soccer. Giada trod on playing fields for many years, turning the green turf into a canvas on which she portrayed strategies and pure moments of passion. This experience has taught her about the importance of teamwork, discipline, and resilience, qualities she masterfully applies to her professional career.