Monica Bruno


Italian by birth and American by choice, having obtained citizenship through naturalization, Monica Bruno’s journey to the United States seven years ago was fueled by love. In Italy, Monica dedicated 15 years to the field of immigration, developing a rich and varied experience in this area. Her expertise flourished through collaborations with several law firms, where her agency specialized in handling immigration and visa processes globally.

Monica’s professional reach extended beyond Italy. She worked closely with Swiss agencies, pivotal in recruiting specialized Italian personnel for deployment across Europe. Her breadth of knowledge made her a sought-after consultant and advisor for various companies internationally. In addition to these roles, she also served as the president of a trade union association in Italy, showcasing her leadership and dedication to her field.

Embracing a new chapter in the United States, Monica returned to academia with a fervent commitment to continuous learning, starting from the fundamentals. She often echoes the sentiment that “emigrating is like being reborn,” a philosophy profoundly resonates with her professional resurgence in her adopted country.

We are thrilled and honored to welcome Monica Bruno to our team in the United States, her second home. Her journey is not just one of geographical relocation but of professional reinvention and resilience.