Sports scholarships to study in America Combining Study and Sports.

Are you a student-athlete wanting to study at a high level while playing sports? “Study and Play” by AG Sports Agency LLC is the perfect program for you. Thanks to the American school and sports system, which allocates over a billion dollars a year to sports scholarships, study and sports can coexist in perfect harmony
Get ready to face unique new challenges

The experience of playing sports and studying in an American college is difficult to imagine when you haven’t tried it first-hand. By attending cutting-edge institutions with student-athletes from all over the world, you can enjoy unforgettable moments.

FAQ Details

 Why should I play sports in America?
The United States is the only country in the world where you can both play sports and study at the highest level.
 How do students get sports scholarships?
In America, excellence in sports is rewarded by full or partial scholarships that lower expenses for students. The “Study and Play” team at AG Sports Agency LLC can help you determine your chances of getting a scholarship.
 How do sports fit into colleges in the USA?
Unlike in Europe where sports are managed by clubs, sports are a key part of the American academic system. Each high school and college has their own sports team that competes at a regional and national level.